riso des bois

There is always a slight misregistration in riso.
Take it into account when you make your files.
Avoid printing thin lines or text in 2 overimposed colours.

Tiny details in 2 different layers won’t align perfectly


Riso prints images one colour at a time on top of one another.
The colours are translucent so you can mix them by layering them at different intensities.

To create an image for riso, you have to create the different colour layers in black and white.

As in the example, a dark grey area will result in an area of intense colour in the print, and a light grey area will become an area of paler colour.

Go check our colour chart to have a better idea of how the colours react at different percentages of intensity.

There is always a slight misregistration in riso: your ayers won’t align perfectly. Take it into account when you make your image: avoid overlapping layers of thin lines or text, and know that tiny details in several colours won’t perfectly align.

When you’re ready to send us your files, send each colour file as a PDF, 300dpi, black and white, with the colour and project referenced in each file name.

When you send us your files, don’t forget to:

-Leave a 1cm margin around your image - riso can’t print to the edge of the paper

-Avoid big areas covered in flat colour at more than 80% opacity (it creates pools of ink in the image that can’t dry evenly)

-If your project has text in it, use InDesign or Illustrator (or any software using vectors rather than pixels) to set the text in the layer, otherwise pixelisation might occur.

-Send us a colour mockup of your project so we can see what you’re aiming for

Riso printing is incredibly eco friendly : it doesn’t heat up the inks so uses very little energy to print and produces no fine particle emissions, the inks are made of leftover from rice production, the masters are made with banana fibre, we print on recycled paper and use a second hand machine and drums.

The riso look is immediately recognisable, with its deep, intense colours and beautiful dots.

But remember : its handmade quality comes with idiosyncracies. All the prints will be a bit different!

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